Harking back to the origins of forensic DNA, Roebuck Forensics is the story of two continents, countless criminal matters, and a determination to serve science and the courts with substance.

Post graduation in 2001, a bright and enthusiastic forensic biologist was thrilled to gain a start at the famed Forensic Science Service in Wetherby Northern England. The FSS was credited with pioneering DNA profiling and launching the world’s first DNA database.

Cutting her teeth at the gritty forefront, Helen Roebuck attended countless crime scene investigations, extensively reporting indictable DNA matters, and working alongside police and the Crown Prosecution Service.

It was here, under the Home Office umbrella, with intensive mentoring training and assessment, that the fire was lit under the study of courtroom presence.

Crossing the channel some 15 years later, and with extensive Australian independent DNA expert practice, Roebuck Forensics is forged.

" With unrelenting scientific enthusiasm, we continue forward in the practice and refinement of well-formed and persuasive expert witness testimony."